355. PASSAGES. Charlotte, North Carolina. Considered one of the most “livable” cities in the USA–but you better own a car. “Moving south for cost of living” is an American trope. The photo shows the pros and cons of a wide angle lens.


353. PASSAGES. Longbranch, New Jersey.

352. PASSAGES. Long Branch, New Jersey.

351. PASSAGES. Long Branch, New Jersey. I can’t believe how fast people talk in north Jersey. And its not like they are just flinging out empty syllables, they are shrewd and inventive unlike some chattering cultures. I’ve met few Jerseyites I didn’t like. As New York City becomes a global capital, the classic New York vibe is found more and more in places like north Jersey and Long Island.

350. PASSAGES. Miami. Photographers will get why I call this an Ektachrome moment.

349. PASSAGES. Miami.

348. PASSAGES. Miami. A travel/landscape photographer works at cross-purposes. Do I stress the photography? Or do I show the unique details of places as a traveler even if the photo is nothing special?

347. PASSAGES. Miami, Florida.

346. PASSAGES. Singapore. It does not surprise me that the Singapore Botanical Garden is the only garden in the world designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The plant on the left is Red Bamboo, “a highly ornamental, non-invasive, clumping bamboo.” From what I can gather, clumping bamboos are sympodial, and have shorter rhizomes than running bamboos. I thought as much.

345. PASSAGES. Los Angeles. Downtown LA is a world all its own.

344. PASSAGES. Monaco. Of all the places in the world, I love the shores of the Mediterranean most. Oddly enough Los Angeles, or at least the Beverly Hills part of Los Angeles, reminds me of Monaco. There are far fewer lapdogs and yoga pants in Monaco though.

343. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Midtown East. Please don’t make me say “only in New York.”

342. PASSAGES. Los Angeles. Venice Beach is LA’s Coney Island.

341. LONDON ON FOOT. Greenwich.

340. LONDON ON FOOT. Greenwich. If I were explaining it, I would call this neighborhood “that incongruous, hyper-modern district over by the funny-looking tennis stadium.”

339. PASSAGES. Georgetown. Washington DC. In terms of its feel for an outsider, DC is part Northeast, part Southeast, and part Confederate South. The one thing that you can say about DC is that it is East Coast, which, owing to history, has a distinct personality.

338. LONDON ON FOOT. Greenwich.

337. PASSAGES. Singapore.

336. LONDON ON FOOT. Greenwich. The ISO on this camera goes up to 25,000. Which is crazy.