Monthly Archives: May 2018

222. NEW YORK ON FOOT. Brooklyn. East Williamsburg, maybe the most interesting industrial wasteland in the Western Hemisphere.

221. GUEST. MANHATTAN A glimpse of Barnard College’s “Quad” in a blizzard, by Anita Tomczyk. Manhattan would not be Manhattan without its classical architecture. Anita’s photo looks like a painting.

220. GUEST. MUMBAI. Taken by film producer Kelly Balon. Kelly is a “digital nomad”, so calling his cell phone is interesting. Any given week he will answer from Berlin, Mumbai, Goa, Toronto, New York or Saskatoon. The photo is an essay in color and line, and captures the restless economic energy of an emerging Asia. See Kelly at

219. PASSAGES. Isla Mujeres, Mexico. If the ocean air and sun of the Caribbean don’t get you, the color will.